This Too Shall Pass

Jul 29, 2023 | Christian Teaching

By: Sharon Cooper

Ever have those weeks filled with one too many bad days? Or a week so good you don’t want it to end?

As a kid, my mother used to tell me this phrase: “This too shall pass.”

But life is more than just waiting for the bad things to stop happening and for good days to continue forever. That would be a myth!

The Bible tells us that life is filled with moments of good and bad. Of happiness and of sorrow. Of employment and unemployment. Of health and sickness. Of certainty and uncertainty.

At the drop of a hat, life can be turned upside down—it’s hard to see whether this too, shall pass.

In these moments of change, it is important to have an unchanging anchor.

A promise in the form of a person, and that person is Jesus.

Because one day, Jesus has promised us an eternity with Him where there are no more bad days, and the good ones do last forever.

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