SVRCINA’s ‘Loyal’ Puts Friendship in the Spotlight

Jul 5, 2024 | Entertainment and Arts

By: Laura Bennett

Having written over 700 songs so far, SVRCINA has been an artist on the rise since her debut single Lover, Fighter in 2015.

Amassing over 120million streams on Spotify, the songs themselves aren’t where SVRCINA’s distinction lies – it’s in the lyrics and her intentionality with the meanings they convey.

“The Bible talks about how the power of life and death is in the tongue,” SVRCINA said in our interview.

“It’s really important to consider what is coming out of my mouth, so I am pretty careful with the lyrics that are in my songs.”

In SVRCINA’s new single Loyal, she pens words about friendships lost and gained and the ultimate loyalty of God.

“[When I wrote Loyal] I was personally coming out of a pretty low place in my life,” SVRCINA said.

“I experienced the kindness of some people that I’ve had a close friendship with over my life [and] I’m really appreciative of them because they helped me walk through a dark night of the soul. Loneliness, rejection and betrayal are all just part of the human experience [but] God’s loyal to us.”

If we want good friendships, SVRCINA thinks it takes “being honest with each other”.

“You want friends who are calling you up and calling you higher to be the person that they see God’s called you to be. Having that kind of relationship is developed when you trust someone, and you know their heart is caring toward you.

“Sometimes you don’t need anyone to solve anything for you, you just need to feel understood in [your] place of pain.”

With a bent towards songs that lift people out of pain and bring a tone of celebration to life, SVRCINA enjoys inspiring hope but also thinks we need songs of contemplation too.

“Not everybody is going to be functioning in the same season,” SVRCINA said. “We’re not all in the same space at the same time, so it’s really important to have a mixture.

“It’s important to be able to have celebration, but also sit in reflection.”

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