PAKISTAN: Two Slain During Attack on Pastor’s Family

Apr 27, 2022 | VoM

Pastor Adam has faced repeated death threats because of his ministry work among Pakistani Christians who have converted from a Muslim background.

During Ramadan, Islamic zeal runs particularly high, which can lead to religiously motivated violence by militants

Such was the case recently, on the night of 11 April.

As is commonly done in Pakistan, Pastor Adam and his wife shared a home with many members of their extended family. On the night of the attack, the perpetrators broke into the home and entered the first bedroom they came across. There, they murdered Pastor Adam’s sister and her husband before fleeing the home.

The rest of Pastor Adam’s family have fled to another city for their protection. At this time, they do not consider it safe to return in order to retrieve their belongings or even bury the bodies of their deceased loved ones.

Source:Release International, Morning Star News, ChinaAid

Please Pray

Pray for the protection of Pastor Adam and his family and for peace amid their grief.

Pray that those responsible for this attack would not only be brought to justice but that they would also come under the conviction of God’s Holy Spirit, leading them to repentance and salvation.

Pray for the Christians who remain in Pastor Adam’s village and are now without their pastor.