PAKISTAN: Christian Woman Awaits Blasphemy Trial

May 26, 2022 | VoM

A Christian woman charged with blasphemy nine months ago is still in prison in Pakistan. Last July, she was accused of insulting Islam in a WhatsApp conversation and has been awaiting her trial. Trials such as these have been known to go on for years or even decades.

Her husband and children are distraught, especially after seeing the deplorable conditions she is being   held in.

Fearing further persecution for their faith, they have tried to stay under the radar since the arrest. The Christian woman’s youngest said, “They keep her in a small cell and there is a separation barrier between prisoners and visitors. It is heartbreaking to see her locked up like that.” He likened living without his mother to living in a body without a soul.

Freedom of religion is guaranteed under the constitution of Pakistan, but that freedom is conditional on what constitutes blasphemy in the Muslim-majority nation. There are dozens of blasphemy cases in Pakistan with the most severe punishments being life in prison or death. The blasphemy laws are contrary to human rights laws, yet there is no sign of them being amended or abolished.

Source: AsiaNews, International Christian Concern

Please Pray

Join with this Christian woman and her family in praying for a swift resolution to her case and her release.

Pray He will grant her courage and faithfulness during this severe trial. Pray that she may know the Lord’s ministering presence.

Pray for repeal or change to the infamous blasphemy laws in Pakistan.