PAKISTAN: Christian Mother of Five Receives Death Threats

Sep 21, 2022 | VoM

A Christian woman and her five children have been forced into hiding after receiving death threats demanding that she convert to Islam.

Despite these warnings, Naseem Bibi has refused to abandon her faith, even though it means having to flee home with her five children, who range in age from eight to 22.

The threats are part of an ongoing campaign instigated by a militant Islamic group in their area that has already forced approximately 100 people to convert.

As part of the Islamic group’s programme initiative, Naseem’s husband was offered a house, along with promises to cover all wedding expenses for their four daughters. Unfortunately, these promises have resulted in Naseem receiving added threats from her husband, who wants to accept the militants’ lucrative offer.

Despite the threats she receives, Naseem has stood firm. “I was born a Christian, and I will remain a Christian until my last breath,” she declared. “And I’ll make every effort to make my children stronger Christians and [ensure] they marry Christian partners.”

A local church has provided Naseem and her children with temporary shelter, but the pastor has been questioned by the Islamic militants, who continue searching for Naseem. “They are too powerful,” Naseem told contacts, “…and we have no resources to fight with them.”

Sources: VOM, CLAAS, Pakistan Christian Post

Please Pray

Pray for the Lord’s divine protection over Naseem and her children, as well as those providing them a place of shelter.

Pray that this family will receive the needed support and encouragement to continue standing firm in their commitment to Christ.

Pray for those seeking to harm Naseem, including her husband, that they may come to see the truth of the gospel and put their faith in Jesus.