PAKISTAN: Christian Brothers Face Death Penalty

May 3, 2022 | VoM

Brothers Qasir and Amoon await the verdict of an appeal fought against their death sentence.

Qasir was arrested in 2014 and Amoon in 2015 following accusations of publishing blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammad on a website.

The blasphemous content was allegedly discovered back in August 2010, when a man named Raheel Malik came across their blog.

Both Qasir and Amoon pleaded not guilty to the charge of blasphemy, claiming that they had been set up because of existing animosity between themselves and the two men who reported them to the police.

The brothers have been in custody since their arrest. In 2018 they were tried in prison and sentenced to death, after which they were sent to Sahiwal Central Jail. Both brothers suffer health problems, and Amoon is unable to walk properly.

The men have been represented by CLAAS UK (Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement) in an appeal against their death sentence. After several delays, the appeal took place at the beginning of March this year.

The verdict of this appeal is expected to be announced shortly. CLAAS remain hopeful that the brothers will be acquitted.

Source: CLAAS-UK

Please Pray

Pray for courage and peace over the brothers and their families as they await the final verdict.

Pray that Qasir and Amoon will be acquitted of the death sentence and that their health issues will be addressed quickly upon their release.

Pray for the work CLAAS continues to do in supporting persecuted Christians in Pakistan.