Mexico: They found a window

Mar 1, 2021 | VoM

Pastors in southern Mexico found a way to distribute thousands of much-wanted Bibles despite COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

Christians make up approximately three percent of the population in southern Mexico – a region that has a high concentration of indigenous minority groups that maintain separate identities and speak indigenous languages. Christians have had their struggles with local Marxist rebels as well as with the occult practices of some indigenous groups.

VOM workers understand the power of the Gospel and the importance of reaching out to others, and have implemented a strategy of Bible distribution throughout southern Mexico. A pastor in Chiapas has a map tacked up in his office marked with all the places Bibles have been distributed. He and other Bible distributors had feared that the map wouldn’t change much during the COVID-19 lockdown, but God had other plans.

The boxes of Bibles were stored away in April with the expectation that they wouldn’t reach believers until lockdown restrictions were lifted. However, by mid-June, most of the 16,000 Bibles had been distributed to those whose names were on the waiting list. “I still don’t know how the pastors got permission to get out, but they did,” a VOM worker said.

“It seems like they found a window.”

Praise God that Bibles were able to reach waiting believers in southern Mexico, regardless of restrictions.