LAOS: Village Leaders Assault Man for Christian Faith, Deny His Family Basic Needs

Feb 23, 2022 | VoM

On 18 January, two Buddhist village leaders assaulted Taeng for his trust in Christ. Many in the village already disliked Taeng for his Christian faith, but the hatred toward him escalated when he began drilling a well to draw water for his family

When village leaders told him he had to renounce his faith if he wanted to continue drilling, Taeng refused. Many villagers watched the two leaders attack Taeng but did nothing to stop it.

Finally, Taeng’s father stopped the attack, preventing his son from being strangled to death. Taeng stayed in the hospital for three days and later attempted to file a police report, but the police refused to help him. Since the attack, village leaders have prevented Taeng and his family from accessing the village’s source of electricity.

Sources: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Let us pray.

Pray for Taeng’s healing and for his family’s needs to be met.

Pray for his family’s faith to not be shaken, and pray that Taeng’s faithfulness serves as a witness to the truth of the gospel to Taeng’s village.

Pray also that the leaders who attacked him come to know Christ as well as many members of the village.