LAOS: Pastor Thrown in Prison

Apr 9, 2020 | VoM

Last month, 34-year-old church leader Sinh was praying at his church in Laos before his Sunday service when authorities arrived to arrest him.

Authorities from Lao Public Security first went to Sinh’s house before arriving at the church building to take him to the local security office for questioning. Authorities demanded he sign a document to say he would no longer lead the church or worship in his local area. Sinh refused to sign anything and was released but around midday that day, a vehicle picked him up without the knowledge of his family.

His family became worried and contacted a local church to help find him. They eventually found out he had been arrested and taken to a local prison. Sinh was later to moved to the Province Prison at Savannakhet, where he remains.

Voice of the Martyrs partners on the ground are working to help Sinh and his family at this time.

Source: VOM Contacts

  • Ask the Lord to minister to Sinh and his family during this time of trial. Pray they will not be fearful but will trust in God and His purposes.
  • Ask God to provide Sinh with physical and spiritual strength. Pray He will use the witness of Sinh to strengthen the faith of believers all over Laos.
  • Pray the church will continue to grow in Laos, in spite of the opposition from authorities.