IRAN: Health Concerns for Christian Prisoner

Jul 6, 2022 | VoM

In 2017, Naser Navard Gol-Tapeh was sentenced to ten years in prison for allegedly “acting against national security through the formation and establishment of an illegal church organisation in his home.”

The arrest came after 30 police officers raided an engagement party he attended in June 2016. The authorities considered Naser the leader of the Christian gathering.

Concerns have been raised about the health of the 60-year-old Christian who has spent over four years in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison. In mid-June, he was admitted to the hospital due to hearing loss in his left ear, which also affected his mobility and balance. He is presently awaiting the outcome of an MRI scan.

Naser has repeatedly requested parole and a sentence review, but all of his requests have been denied.

Source: Article18, Middle East Concern

Please Pray

Pray that Naser will experience complete healing.

Pray the Lord will grant Nasir continued strength, hope and perseverance. Pray he may be a light and strong witness.

Ask for justice on behalf of Nasir. Pray the process of his legal case will be hastened and that he will be released.