INDIA: Six Christian Women Face Charges for Forced Conversions

Aug 24, 2022 | VoM

On 30 July, six Christian women in the Maharajganj area of Uttar Pradesh, India, were taken into custody based on charges of forced conversions.

The charges were made after members of a Hindu nationalist group, the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), alleged that the women were inducing others to convert to Christianity during a birthday party.

At the birthday party, the Christian women had paused to pray before cutting the cake.

Ashutosh Singh, a local VHP leader, said: “They raised their hands in the air as Jesus would. They were trying to convert Harijan women.”

Ashutosh continued with claims that the six believers were carrying out other illicit activities, such as luring others to faith with money. Bibles and other religious documents were confiscated and submitted to police authorities, who proceeded to make the arrests. The women were held in custody without bail.

All six of these women belong to the very poor socio economic Dalit community. One of them is physically disabled, as is the child of another woman in the arrested group. Included in the group was a widow with three young children, and an unmarried girl.

Munish Chandra, a lawyer representing the six arrested Christians, stated that “the rest of their families are suffering enormously since they are all dependent on the women.”

The women were scheduled to appear in court on 16 August. The outcome of their trial remains unknown.

Source: VOM Canada, International Christian Concern, AsiaNews, The Wire, Justice News

Please Pray

Pray that the truth will prevail and that these women will soon be released from custody and reunited with their families.

Pray that God will work powerfully in the minds and hearts of their accusers, leading each one to eternal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Pray that the government of India will not be pressured by radical religious groups that are trying to control the national agenda.