INDIA: Pastor and Son Ambushed in the Jungle

Nov 23, 2022 | VoM

Pastor Nahtiya, his son and other church members were walking home through the jungle after worshipping together when they were ambushed by Hindu radicals throwing stones at them.

Some were able to break away, only to be attacked again by villagers wielding axes, sticks and other tools.

Pastor Nahtiya’s 16-year-old son and another believer were struck repeatedly.

Police arrived and helped take the severely injured men to the hospital. When questioned, the attackers falsely claimed that Pastor Nahtiya had come to their village and threatened to attack them.

The case against him is ongoing, but the attackers are already free, and the medical and legal costs from the attack continue to mount.

These believers are praying that their attackers, as well as the judicial officials who are treating them unjustly, will know Jesus and be saved.

Source: VOM

Please Pray

Pray for those experiencing increased persecution from Hindu extremists, especially for Pastor Nahtiya and his family.

Pray for the Bible training held for pastors experiencing persecution.

Pray for the 150 new churches planted in unreached areas.