INDIA: Evangelist Killed by Family Members

Sep 14, 2022 | VoM

On 14 August, Christian evangelist Karthridasan Madhavan was burned to death in the Indian state of West Bengal by a mob that included some members of his own family.

The victim, known as Madhavan, lived in the village of Gobindapur. He was the sole Christian in his extended family, and diligently worked to spread the gospel message.

In early August, Madhavan went to visit his family for a wedding.

While there, his children destroyed his Bible and verbally harassed him. Other members of the family pressured him to renounce his faith, but he refused to do so.

On 14 August, Madhavan was attending a church service in Bankura when his wife and son entered the building and proceeded to beat him and force him home. He was then dragged into a nearby forest, where family members and other locals poured petrol over his body and burned him alive.

It has been reported that police have refused to take any action, stating that because this issue was a family matter, they won’t interfere.

Sources: The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, Church in Chains, Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Please Pray

Pray that God’s Holy Spirit will stir the hearts of Madhavan’s family and community towards repentance as they reflect on his death.

Pray for new spiritual growth to come forth in each of their lives through the saving power of Christ.

Pray for God’s comfort over Madhavan’s fellow church members and friends as they mourn his loss.