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Make a Difference

“I can’t go, I’ve got a bone in my leg.”

Was that your reaction when you received your notification of our Annual General Meeting by email or post last week?

Let’s be honest, no-one likes meetings. They can be a real drag, seem to achieve a lot less than we would like, and they are ‘always’ being held when we have more pressing (or entertaining) things to do. Or we’re worried we might ‘get a job’, right?

Let’s keep up that honesty. Are you a member of an organisation? Do you avoid the meetings? Even those held only once each year?

How about making a change this year? Will a couple of hours out of the 8760 hours in the year really make a difference to you? Really?

It will make a difference to the usually very small number of people who regularly come along to our AGM. They will be excited about you joining them! They will enjoy meeting other station supporters – you already have a bunch of things in common.

It will make a difference to the hard working Board, staff and volunteers who have the responsibility of making sure Riverina Christian Radio Inc (Wagga’s Life FM) does all the right things all year, and you have great local radio station to listen to. It will be a huge encouragement to all of them and a vote of support for the ministry and mission of the station.

It will make a difference to the amount of cakes and biscuits left over after the free supper, too. Oh…wait.

It will make a difference to you. You will get a better understanding of what goes on at Wagga’s Life FM, meet great people, and be able to join in the celebration of the achievements of the past year.  And, you can eat cake.

Come on, make a difference for Wagga’s Life FM on Monday May 28th! 7pm in the library building of Wagga Wagga Christian College, 401 Kooringal Rd., Wagga.

See you there! (We’ll bring more cakes and biscuits. Promise.)

And you won’t ‘get a job’.




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