CUBA: Congregation Remains Faithful Despite Oppression

Jul 20, 2022 | VoM

Pastor David Walter Fis leads a Baptist church in Cuba that has experienced ongoing harassment from government authorities.

First, state security officials demolished their church building. When the congregation continued gathering, officials placed restraining orders on Pastor Fis and the congregation.

Despite the government’s attempts to silence their witness, the church has continued to grow, meeting in the homes of church members or in fields.

Unlike the overt violence Christians in Cuba faced during the communist Cuban Revolution, more subtle methods of persecution are now used by the Cuban government.

Christian leaders are often summoned by government officials for questioning or held for up to 48 hours to pressure them. Churches are demolished by hired gangs so the government can deny responsibility. Legal church buildings are seized, and no new church buildings have been legally built in the country since the revolution.

Many believers meet in illegal house churches, often extensions of the pastor’s home or shaded structures in the backyard of a family’s home. Churches continue to grow through active evangelistic activity, but some believers have never owned a Bible because of government oppression.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Please Pray

Praise God for this congregation’s commitment to follow Christ amid communist oppression.

Pray that their faithful witness will continue to lead others into closer fellowship with Christ.

Pray for persecutors within the communist party who attack and hate the church.