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The True Power of Generosity

Author: Alex Cook | Wealth with Purpose. There is something special about generosity. It moves people. If there were a few things that could change our broken world, then generosity would surely be one of them. One of my beliefs is that for revival to come to Western nations, then one of the pillars that […]

Is He Lord of Your Money Too?

Author: Alex Cook | Wealth with Purpose. We always declare that Jesus is Lord but many times forget what it means to make Him Lord over our lives. We make Him Master of our families, careers, and health but when it comes to other things such as our money and wealth, we call the shots […]

God’s Funding Method

Author: Alex Cook | Wealth with Purpose. We know that God is the owner and therefore, the provider of everything that is needed to fund His Kingdom work on earth. However, He uses people to mobilize His resources and accomplish His purposes.

The Process For Achieving Long-Term Goals

Author: Alex Cook | Wealth with Purpose. One of the foundational elements of good money management is the need to have clear long-term objectives. If you speak to a financial planner they will usually make statements like “think long-term”. Generally speaking this is good advice, although I prefer to say “think eternal’, that is consider […]

Trusting God With Our Finances

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” (NIV) Psalm 24:1 clearly states that God owns it all. When we acknowledge and take into heart this beautiful truth, we will have a different perspective and attitude towards our resources and finances. Money, the lack or the […]