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9-year-old blows America’s Got Talent judges away

America’s Got Talent has brought many a young child’s talents to the spotlight, but this year the judges and crowd were stunned by the unassuming Angelica Hale who stepped out onto the platform.

Discovering God’s Grace Behind Bars

A bank loan gone wrong resulted in a prison sentence… Bo and Gari Mitchell talk about their busy lives in business and ministry…and how that all changed when Bo was caught up in a financial scandal.

Dog Hilariously Complains When Girl Plays Flute

This dog is giving off some serious “Dad of two kids actively involved in concert band” vibes. Maybe he’s singing along? Maybe he’s objecting? Who knows. But it’s fun to imagine that this tired guy just wants some peace and quiet.

From Teenage Mum to Mother of the Year

When Bernie Black was 16 years old, she found out that she was pregnant and thought her life was over. However, nothing could have been further from the truth! Bernie shares how she has gone on to become the founder of an organization that provides support for expecting and parenting teens.

Are you happy with the life God has given you?

Author: Alex Cook | Wealth with Purpose. Have you ever been asked if you are happy with your job, your business, your relationships, and life in general? What was your answer?

4 ways kindness makes a difference in your marriage

Author: Amy Van Veen | Focus On The Family. If we’re honest with ourselves, “kindness” is one of the fruits of the Spirit that is easy to skip over. Faithfulness can be difficult. Self-control has its obvious challenges. Love and peace are big asks. But kindness is something we often take for granted.

5 Kid Tips For Making Cleaning Fun

Cleaning doesn’t always have to seem like a dreaded chore after the kids are done having fun – see five easy and practical ways that you can get your kids involved in the process.

Facing A Crisis Pregnancy

Helen Parker was well on her way to getting a degree in architecture when she unexpectedly found herself facing a crisis pregnancy. Helen shares how the wonderful support she received from her church inspired her to become the founder of an organisation helping women facing crisis pregnancies.

Will you get a reward for your giving?

Author: Alex Cook | Wealth with Purpose. Whenever we give gifts to our neighbour, do we sometimes think and expect to be rewarded for doing a good thing?

How to Speak Aussie Pt 2: Shorten Names

As the video’s caption says – In Australia, we don’t have time to use your full name. Hi Josh & Rhys bring Part Two of How to Speak Australian. If you didn’t catch Part 1 watch it here.