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School Principals Under Stress as Violence and Paperwork Increase

A third of school principals are working up to 65 hour weeks, swamped in paperwork and bureaucratic checklists, and burnout is high.

Embrace the Change

Although we can't control changing circumstances, we can control our mindset and response to it. Imagine the freedom, peace and joy possible if we chose to embrace change rather than simply tolerate it.

Working Together as a Team in Your Marriage

Many married couples are surprised when their relationship moves from the “honeymoon phase” into real life! Learn how to shift from a "me" perspective to "we".

When Someone Else Gets the Answer to Your Prayer

I can believe He has a plan, but in the waiting for the plan to materialise, I can struggle to trust that He hasn’t forgotten me.

Modern Slavery’s Alive in Australia—But a Government Crackdown is On the Way

You’d be shocked to learn how much modern-day slavery is going on in Australia.

Holy Yoga: A New-And-Ancient Way to Spend Time with God

“I heard a lot of Christian friends sending me articles and telling me, ‘be careful and don’t do yoga.’ It’s been a really up and down journey for me."

If You’re a Fan of Mercy Me, Go See This Movie – and Take the Tissues

It’s become Mercy Me’s best known song, but until now, few people knew the full, heartbreaking story behind I Can Only Imagine.

5 Simple Ideas to Have More Fun in Your Marriage

Is your marriage fun? For many, this question makes you realise it’s been a long time since “fun” has been a word to describe your relationship.

Encouragement for the Parent Who Just Feels Different

My life doesn’t look like most of my friends’ lives. I am different from most of the other mums in my circle. And different is hard.

A Tale of Two God-Decisions | How to Know God’s Will

How do we know God's will? Making decisions as a Christian is a partnership between God & ourselves. Sometimes it's supernatural and sometimes it's natural.