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Feel The Fear

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”. Every time I read this phrase or say it out loud I envisage a breath being drawn in and then exhaled right where the word “and” appears. It’s as though this word is the turning point.

Would God Tell You who to Marry?

One of the most surprising findings of my PhD studies is that a significant number of interviewees testified to hearing God’s voice about a future marriage partner.

Would Jesus Be a Laurel or Yanny?

On the one hand, the Laurel-Yanny debate is a proof of relativism. You have your truth and I have mine. But on the other hand, it can also function as proof of objective truth—because everyone still hears two syllables and the same vowels.

7 Ways to Teach Your Child Self-Control

Most people, regardless of their baseline level of self-control, can be taught to exercise greater control.

Give Thanks… in Everything?

Everything? Even the bad things? That seems completely unrealistic and unfair. That’s what I thought, until a near tragedy changed everything.

Finding God’s Purpose for Your Life

If you know your 'why' in life, you'll find your way. But if you don't, everything else is in your way.

An Interview with 10 Virgins

Holding onto the big V until marriage is kind of ridiculous in our sexually saturated culture. 10 virgins were asked WHY and their answers will shock you.

The Danger in Saying "God Is Good"

We — the ones who follow Jesus — we must stop saying “God is good” only when good happens in our lives.

Wise Investments

To make the world a better place, I just have to be a better dad. My greatest investment is the one I make into my children.

Egg Substitutes

It can be a challenge to find an egg replacement that isn’t a powdered processed product that comes in a package or plastic container. Each of these substitutes is equivalent to 1 egg.