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How to Keep the Romance Alive

We see a lot of TV programs and movies these days that show the start of romantic relationships. But not many of those are about keeping the romance alive once it has begun.

When Grades Come at the Cost of Mental Health

Author: Rachel Doherty | Tweens2Teen. The first sign of a mental health issue in teenagers is often a drop in grades. Here’s what parents can do when it’s time to make a choice.

Optical Illusions: Why They Work

Can you trust what you see? Sometimes our eyes play tricks on us — or at least that’s what it seems.

Hope and Encouragement for the Stepmum

Building trust in the relationship to handling discipline to offering forgiveness, this is some encouragement for women that hold the role of stepmum.

My Christian Marriage is More Important Than My Same Sex Attraction

Colin has same sex attraction. He describes it as something he has, rather than who he is. It doesn’t define him.

The Star – Coming to Cinemas this November

Experience the story of the first Christmas from an entirely new perspective.

5 Tips to Make Minimalism Work for Your Family

Right now, small is big. Minimalism is popular everywhere: tiny houses, 30-item wardrobes, basic food diets and simpler lifestyles.

Compassion Fatigue: What is It and What to Do About It?

If you’re a youth worker, expect to face compassion fatigue sometime. Keep it at bay with good self-care habits, including supervision.

Chill, Mum and Dad: the Digital Age Isn’t All Bad

Are parents right to be concerned about the dangers their children face in our increasingly digital world? Psychologist Kirrilie Smout is a reassuring voice for parents.

Finding Healing from Sexual Assault

In this two-part podcast, Focus On The Family examine the horrors of sexual assault and how survivors can find new hope and healing from God.