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Macadamia ‘Cheese’ Spread Recipe (Cheese Alternative)

This is the perfect replacement for a soft cheese, it’s spreadable, full of flavour and is versatile in use as a dip, on toast and on pizza.

Being ‘Religious’

I have friends who still describe me as ‘religious’, and honestly? I find it a teensy bit offensive.

What Lies Are You Believing About Yourself?

I first met Malcolm Duncan a few years ago at a conference we were both speaking at. His confidence on stage was astounding given his background.

40 Social Skills Every Child Needs to Master for Success

Most adults will see things on this list that even they could work on improving! Social skills develop with practice and can also decay with neglect.

Why I Waited for the Wedding Night – the Truth about Abstinence

I kissed a lot of boys as a teenager. lWhy did I wait for marriage to have sex? Was it worth it and did it actually benefit my marriage? My answers may surprise you.

Drug Addicted Youth Recover through God-Centered Mentorship in Africa

Wanting to help Africa’s young people thrive and fulfill their God-given purpose, African Enterprise established the Foxfires Youth Program.

Why Christians Should Not Be Optimists

It may sound strange, after all isn’t optimism a godlier attitude than it’s polar opposite, pessimism? I don’t think it’s that simple.

Moving Through Valentine’s Day – Help for Singles

As Valentine’s Day approaches, experts are encouraging singles who may feel vulnerable to tough emotions, to look after themselves well.

Why Our Pursuit of “Happiness” Is Actually Leaving Us Unhappy

We have more stuff, but we’re less satisfied. More facebook friends, but less genuine ones. More “success”, yet more discontentment with our “real” life.

Rich Chocolate Mousse

A quick and easy dessert for busy people, this delightfully rich chocolate mousse only takes 10 minutes to make!