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Roasted Carrot ‘Hummus’

This paleo version of hummus uses soaked cashews in place of chickpeas! Delicious served with crackers and vegetable sticks.

5 Things Aussie Farmers Want You to Know About the Drought

You may know that Aussie farmers are doing it tough right now but how much do you really understand about how this drought is affecting our country?

Parental Sarcasm Is No Joke

When I was 11 years old, a teacher called our house to deliver some exceptional news. She told my mother that I qualified to be placed in a class for gifted students. My mother replied, “Him? He can’t even find his shoes in the morning!”

Walking With Christ When You Travel

Amid all those check lists and things to do before, during and after a trip, do we consider that, as Christians, we are trying everyday to walk with Christ?

Battling the Drought: How You Can Support Our Farmers

With Aussie farmers facing one of the worst droughts in our history, here are 9 established charity and church-based drought appeals that you can support.

For King & Country’s Chart-Topping ‘Joy’: The Surprising Backstory Behind the Infectious Song

It’s huge, anthemic and infectious, and it’s got a music video that jumps from the screen like an explosion in a paint factory.

Challenge and Blessing of Our Digital Age

How should Christians approach digital technology? What should be our mindset in this digital age?

5 Ways to Prevent Money Ruining Your Marriage

It is often the unsaid in a marriage that leads to the biggest problems. An issue grows and grows and nothing is said until it explodes!

Believe it for Yourself

For those who have grown up in Christian circles, it can be easy to hold convictions simply because those around you do. But eventually, everyone has to come to the point where you need to believe it for yourself.

Skyscraper: What Lengths Will a Dad Go To?

Skyscraper satisfies your Friday night craving for something fast and fun, but packs a punch when it comes to take-home ideals.