ALGERIA: Another Church Ordered to Close

Apr 13, 2022 | VoM

Christians in Algeria request prayer for another church in Bejaia city, as the authorities’ campaign to close churches and prosecute individual Christians appears to be escalating.

The church of Aouchiche was informed on 6 April of a 21 March administrative closure order issued by the Wali (Governor). The church is to cease worship immediately.

The church of Aouchiche, with more than 300 active worshippers, is a longstanding member of the EPA, the umbrella organisation of the Algerian Protestant Church.

This closure brings the number of EPA affiliated churches closed by the authorities since November 2017 to seventeen. Several non-EPA churches have also been ordered to close or cease activities. Fearing repercussions, they don’t wish their names to be known.

During the same time period, at least twelve Christians have been convicted on faith-related charges, including blasphemy and proselytism. They have received prison sentences between six months and five years.

Within increased government targeting, several other churches and individual Christians involved in court cases anticipate negative verdicts.

Source: Middle East Concern

Let us pray.

Pray those affected will know the comfort of the Father and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for Algerian church leaders, that they will persevere in the face of increasing challenges against churches and individual Christians.

Pray that the Christians will not give up meeting with one another and as they do, pray they will be unified in love for the Lord and one another.