About Us

Wagga’s Life FM is the Wagga and the Riverina’s non-denominational, Christian FM station. We broadcast mainstream and Christian contemporary music, and entertaining shows. Programs include lifestyle and current-affairs interviews and a series of popular inspirational segments.

Our style is modern, lighthearted and family-friendly with a focus on the community. Popular shows include Luke and Susie, Life Matters and Drive with Matho.

Wagga’s Life FM helps people lead hopeful lives through fun entertainment, helpful content, uplifting experiences and a unique connection with their community.

If you want to listen to Wagga’s Life FM on the radio, find us on 101.9 MHz of the FM band. Anywhere else in the world, listen to entertaining Christian radio live online.

Vision and Mission Statement

Speaking life – the gospel – through word and song on 101.9. Developing and utilising all available forms of media and to use this platform as a voice and a service for the local church and community.